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to the side body pain endured biting Yinya Medusa ,cheap jordans, fiber Shouyi Zhao, suddenly a few strange gray purple blood spots from which the body is melting, the last being a small medical cents inhaled. With the gray and purple blood spots
vitro, Medusa's face is rapidly becoming normal again, cold channel: 'The king himself can resolve it.'
small medical cents noncommittal gaze back to Xiao Yan,Jordans For Sale, hesitation and said: 'Help me woe poison control this body, I disbanded the army and people of the three cases, and how the war my purpose,Cheap Jordans, just want to get cracking woe? poison the body in it. '
'this war, Gama Empire and the family lost the snake so heavy,Coach Outlet Online, so nothing you do want?' Medusa sneered.
'If I gave the order, even if you have a guardian, Gama Terran Empire and the snake would have gone, you are not ignorant child,, you should also know the truth of the jungle!' Small medical cents gray and purple eyes flash Hanmang move, sound indifferent road.
'that the king came to who is the stronger?!' Medusa is looking Chill, is once again involved,Cheap Jordans Online, but it is a Xiao Yan pulled down.
'If she is really mad, snake Terran Empire and Gama will indeed force in the three cases, the emergence of a greater loss, and now they do not get emotional.' Xiao Yan whispered in the ear of the Medusa.
'I know you know her, but she told me the snake family is, the king will remember, would certainly come back in the future!' face slightly changes, Medusa gaze on that vast expanse of dense mass army sweep too, soon Yinya biting cold channel.
smile a cry, Xiao Yan had heard Antan, after those things through these years, today's small medical cents obvious then that is no longer the innocent good girl, she's Henla the Mind, compared Medusa worse, ending the war, one his own sake, two should be raised by that