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here, here cast in different fire,Coach Outlet Store, different fire power will be enhanced .qu;' candle – from elders giant tripod pointing fingers, but it is somewhat dignified looking , said: 'But different fire too overbearing, requiring extremely excellent handling ability, just be able to refining the energy crystal layer was not until right foot burns to purple research, which is to Xiao Yan little friends today's skill should be able to do it? '
Xiao Yan nodded, for flame control, he had reached the pinnacle point, so this for him,Coach Outlet Online, the idea does not have any difficulty.
seeing candle is relieved from the elders, finger pointing peaks around, said: 'During this time,Coach Outlet Store, Void cologne strong family and the wife will personally sits here,Coach Factory Outlet, never let anything for you cause interference. '
Xiao Yan eyes down and looked at the candle from the elders referred to,Coach Outlet Store, by virtue of extraordinary perception, he is sensitive to the number of extreme tyranny of breath, hidden in the inside of the surrounding peaks.
'In addition, refining Long Jing Huang
layer, is not easy, so this will be a rather long time-consuming manual labor, and for the consumption of vindictiveness, but also extreme terror. 'Words to here, a candle from the elders palm grip, a forest of white color appear Yuping is in their hands, wear a little fondle a bit, handed to Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Online, said:' HereFive drops of cologne by the old lady personally refining essence and blood, has a very large energy, not only to recover in an instant looked grudge, there is a miraculous grown bones, if your body when refining a grudge is not following, then take a drop .qu; '
cautiously took Yuping, feeling the vast energy self which diffuse out of, even by Xiao Yan's vision and insight, the eyes also could not help but marvel at the passing touch of