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and bitterness.
'I did that drug clan of the tribe, but I belong to that kind of race to be abandoned.' 1291st Zhang Yu posted
'abandoned? "
Xiao Yan stared looking at the old medicine before 'after a good long while,Coach Outlet Store Online, had just whispered: " mixing drugs with the teacher's talent on the continent today,Coach Outlet Store Online, I am afraid that only a handful of people can compete with you, how could family medicine who is abandoned? ",Coach Outlet Store,
'Emperor fighting or because of blood. "
old drugs smile 'on the face by his emotions slowly converge, said:' In this ancient race itself, in fact, a greater pressure than other places, where, with the blood of the rich to split rank identity 'but I almost the same with you, fighting Emperor blood flowing in my body, it is also thin enough to be negligible. '
'the year when the family medicine because of the failure to perform a task, ultimately led to my expulsion from the family medicine family, after leaving 'I'm not convinced yet, began to put all our energy into the art of mixing drugs, then alone In the Plains battlesNearly a century removed,Coach Outlet Store Online, are also considered to be successful, but when I think Daohai still whimsical 'family again will I recall' but as time goes by 'this expectation, is gradually dissipated' '
old drugs softly: " This race, perhaps me to support it my way, but I did not have any feelings they are the only parents, but also early in my childhood is gone,Coach Bags On Sale, then I have is will gradually forget that even the mention of have never been mentioned before, and know that I was once a person's family medicine 'the world will fear some quiet family medicine person, even, even the soul of the house, were never known' '
Xiao Yan silent,coach purses outlet, it seems that drug for family 'medicine is quite old heart rejection, or not so many years,' but it is not the