For 2-5 people. Each says in turn, and then listens in turn, when a group member says: I accept you as you are, and myself as I am. Or — I respect you for what you are, and respect myself for what I am.

Also in a small group, say "Hello" combined with a handshake, a hug, or a look straight in the eyes (hat tip to Lenny Ravitz Gestalt).

Turn to the person to your right or left and wish them good morning, afternoon or evening. Can also be done with everyone walking around the room and greeting each other.

Similarly, say "Good to see you!" to the people on your right and left, or while walking around the room.

Share with the group one small, good thing that happened to you today or this week.

Share with the group something that surprised you today or this week.

Share with the group something that amused you today or this week.

Share with the group something that made you happy today or this week.

Tell the group about someplace beautiful you visited this past week.

Close your eyes and send a private blessing to someone not in the group, so that you can then open your eyes and focus on the group.

Pass out pages on which each participant draws a pictures or writes one word about what he would like to leave behind in an imaginary drawer in order to be fully present while the session is on.

Share with the group, in two words, how you are feeling. (If desired, this can be repeated at the end of the session, without additional comment.)

Share with the group, in one or two words, what you'd like to leave the session with  e.g., a smile, a new thought, a friend, inner calm, etc.

Remember a color that you saw today on your way to the session. If you can't remember a specific color, share something else you noticed.

The moderator can tell a joke, or ask someone else to tell one.

Share with the group a verse or saying that you frequently turn to. No explaining!

Share a recent, small change you made in your life (large changes may require more time from the group, so they are better saved for another time).

Finish the sentence: Since our last session….(share a small accomplishment or change).

Finish the sentence: If I had the courage, I would….

Name a person you'd like to have present with you at today's session.

Share with the group a dream you had this week.

Share what you wanted to do this morning.

Tell about a gift you'd like to receive.

Finish the sentence: If I had a pool, I'd fill it with….