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marching void,Tiffany And Co Outlet, slowly go down against the top of the ground, followed by Su Qian,Tiffany & Co Outlet, Xiao go far followed and on.
fall into the inner courtyard,Tiffany Outlet, the elders will already frightened students severance Western Cape, and has been waiting at the bottom of Xiao Li and other people, but it is quickly meet up, anxious eyes Xiao Yan who sweep of the sweep, then quickly asked: 'okay?'
'all right, brother, who is in the hospital thousands of old, previously thanks to his shot, or I
a catastrophe will happen. 'Xiao Yan smile, pointing to the thousands of seasoned front.
Soviet Union thousands seeing, also smiled, and then lead the conversation toward him.
after Hsiao go far into the hall lasts about half an hour, a vague figure suddenly appeared strange slowly in the hall,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, then emerged in a hundred old old figure, the latter readily lost, one with a cold corpse , that is being thrown at random on the floor.
hall all eyes and hurried to see it covered with the bodies of solidification maroon leukemia, not for a long time before also extremely arrogant and despotic magic old devil, who can be?
But at the moment, the Magic Valley inflammation founder Noire famous domain year strong, but it is turned into a cold body, so extreme change ft, so that was also a lot of people secretly sigh.
one thousand old looked with eyes covered with pernicious cold corpse of a face of indifference Zaiqiao Broadway, sighed, and said,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, 'then it can be considered a grudge, you also end up with a knot in the future grasp the impact of fighting statue, but added some more.
Broadway nodded slightly, silent on the side of the chair and sit down,Tiffany & Co Outlet, then Weibi eyes.
'Today things have ended, then I have to continue to go back to the old one hundred retreat, next time, I wonder what the time was, transport period