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hidden in the clouds, like the Dragon.
'Oh? original beauty of the body that is actually extinct as early as colorful python swallowing day, ha ha, tasty, like the old lady!'
see color scales suddenly become colorful python swallowing day, the man scorpion surprised a moment,Tiffany Outlet, immediately laughed.
'laugh it'
people laugh scorpion just fallen, and that among the clouds, thunder suddenly a color detonation down, then turned the color scales, also jumped a lot of flavor, full respect for the human equivalent of eight stars strong, but for This and other attacks, that person is Xiupao wave scorpion, an majestic grudge its life and defuse away.
'woe poison the body, Kai'
small medical cents is freezing cold cheek, fingerprints changes, had beautiful black hair, suddenly transformed into color between white again,Tiffany Outlet, the wave contains toxic grudge Rainbow Mountain, if the lightning fast Hongxiang people scorpion.
'Huh? This beauty is actually poison the body or woe? Ha ha,Tiffany & Co Outlet, ah are the best.'
Pilian toxic feelings among TV drama, people laugh again the scorpion, but did not seem too easy, stature Jitui, avoid these toxic Pilian away, woe toxic poison the body is too violent Even he was also addicted to some trouble.
'These two beauties Henla touches, one is colorful python swallowing day, a toxic substance is woe,Tiffany Outlet Store, the two together, unusual statue strong peak bucket, really is not their opponents, but,Tiffany & Co Outlet, hey, unfortunately, the caseMet the old lady 'who scorpion doing all soon, obscene smile on the face of even more,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but he states want to get involved, but it is a fierce looking for a change, to get him to feel a surge of energy palpitations fluctuations terror suddenly never far away filled the open.
aware enough to completely destroy him this energy fluctuations, who is also