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rather people feel incredible … 'Xiao Yan Xuan Kong child saw that dignified face, also waved, said.
Xiao Yan nodded, this time, it can only think about it, since these guys are standing so high,cheap coach bags, it should not be a punishment to stay in the house all right, after all, that some of the strong overall strong eccentric bar.
'we get intelligence, that is, these spirits of the mountains from the Dan field not too far, about five days time, it should be is to be able to arrive.' Xuan Kong child slowly said, and then removed from the sodium ring a sheepskin scroll, gave Xiao soot: 'This is a map of the spirits of the mountains within minutes and soul of the house that the temple is located in the center position of the mountains.'
took the map, Xiao Yan carefully spread out, and then carefully view of some, to remember the icon extremely detailed, although it is extremely thick fog mountains cold, but relying on such a clear map,Coach Outlet, to successfully enter the difficulty should not be too big thing.
'multi Xie Xuan old.'
map revenue sodium ring, Xiao Yan hand over the road.
'trivial matter, alas, but we can help, and also those of the real final action, or have to rely on you …' Xuan Kong son waved,Coach Outlet Online, sighed.
Xiao Yan smile, said:. 'If not Danta help gather intelligence, we want to find the teacher's detention place, I do not know what month too,coach purses outlet, so this is no small thing,' Xuan Kong sub wry smile nodded : 'That's when you ready to leave?'
Xiao Yan pondered a moment, and said:. 'This special action, must be prepared thoroughly, so at least it was not until the wind came Venerable'
'? Oh Oh, is it old guy.' 'Hear the Wind Venerable,Coach Outlet, Xuan Kong sub trio also could not help but smile, and said:' That old guy with excellent dust drug relationship, looking for him,Coach Outlet Store, really down