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accurate, so things refined herbs, which I do, but the integration between medicine, they have to rely on the two.' After saying Tang Zhen pointed toward both sides of the stone, which has two stone blocks: 'If there is no problem, then we asked the two holing it.'
Xiao Yan magic with that name as the one master,Coach Outlet Online, smiling nod to each other, then the stature of a move, directly in that stone seat, and then sat down cross-legged.
saw two men seated, Tang Zhen is the sole ground that the body appears in one of the stone seat on the other side, and turned to the side of the red woman,Coach Outlet Store, Chen Sheng said: 'Fire children, alchemy this time, not allow any people bother us! '
'yes, Daddy.' red woman
be called children of fire,Coach Outlet, tap the chin, eyes swept away, Xiao Yan glanced at, and then is swept under the stone, began to organize the 焚炎 Valley disciples, this film strictly defensive area stand up.
will tell everything properly, Tang Zhen face is gradually becoming dignified,Coach Outlet, Xiupao wave, I saw a huge object was flying out from the ring is satisfied,Coach Factory Outlet, then a heavy stone fell on the center position, and that the heavy weight of the child , so that was all stone flutter flutter.
Xiao Yan and fantasy master saw that a huge object, the eyes are all passing touch of surprise.
objects that appear, is enough to have a statue of a huge drug Zhang Xu Ding, Ding whole body red medicine in drug Ding round wall-like pattern with a volcanic eruption, a look, an oncoming violent atmosphere suddenly.
Xiao Yan Ding saw this red medicine at first glance, is to know the quality of this medicine tripod is probably lower than the beasts of his tripod.
'melting mountain tripod, this is' Tianding List 'on the matter,Coach Outlet Store, did not expect to actually being kept in the hands of Don Guzhu, really is enviable.