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could hear the old man voice down,cheap jordan shoes, one after another outcry sound is instantly rang in great auctions.
outcry heard bursts of sound around the ring around the Xiao Yan,cheap jordan shoes, the white-haired old man can not help but to look at the phase scratch, I did not expect this Black King in the House,cheap jordans for sale, it also really talented people ah. The former

to this auction, Xiao Yan is the name to be here to find a satisfying some of his fighting skills, for the so-called fingering fighting skills, he also did a little bit of interest,Cheap Jordans Outlet, but it did not mean to shoot Tianyu buy this meaning, This fighting skills rank slightly cheaper, for him, and did not much appeal to today's eyesight Xiao Yan, unless it is to order fighting skills, otherwise, it is difficult to get him some heart, after all, and now he , from time in a year that the bird was frankly just dig an old drug that is capable of fighting skills immature teenager a flatter elated.
body gently back against the soft, Xiao Yan Hui amused eye, he knew, the auction has just begun, really good stuff,cheap jordan shoes, still to come, now playing something most people for this VIP gallery, are not attractive in the slightest, it is not, as it refers to the so-called grid Tianyu, VIP gallery, a person may have never called off the opening price.
fingers tap the chair hand, Xiao Yan heard that in auctions rising prices, could not help shaking his head slightly, but the price of thousands of original, is the old man with a copy of this means,cheap jordans for sale, have gone directly to the five hundred and seventy thousand price, but look at this appearance, did not seem to slow the trend. Xiao Yan was under
like a theater-like look, this auction lasted approximately fifteen minutes, just gradually stopped, but at the moment, and that thousands of price, a price has been sealed top, Shao