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to stunt their lives not to grant mediocre, you, the non-mediocre.'
golden blood slowly falling palm Xiao Yan, the vast boundless energy fluctuations, attracted Xiao Yan is the blood becomes hot a lot.
'multi Xie Huangquan predecessors' BES received a good demon blood
cautiously, Xiao Yan looked up, it was to see the hills began to crack, the throne on which is split Kaka numerous cracks, which sits above the throne of St. demon lives the body is more and more unreal.
'mission has been completed, I hope this seat stunt, not associated with the seat in the fall, and the loss of part of its light and Wal-Mart.'
'senior good to go.'
Xiao Yan looking solemnly bowed toward the holy demon lives a ceremony,cheap jordans for sale, watching the look, this thread residual soul can exist for so many years, you should rely on the demon that is holy essence and blood, and blood from the body now,cheap jordans, but also residual soul finally oil burnout, dissipated between heaven and earth.
'Oh ……'
holy lives demon chuckled and nodded slightly, and his body is in Yisha, thoroughly dissipated, at the moment it dissipated, mountains, throne,cheap jordan shoes, are rumbling down collapse, and finally into nothingness, dissipate away.
is looking at all of a sudden become dark and empty nothingness of space together, Xiao Yan also sigh a sigh of relief,cheap jordans for sale, stature shocked, illusory body, is slowly disappearing in the space of this piece, And in its stature disappeared space here, but also laugh is heard,cheap jordan shoes, quietly disappeared into
recently updated a bit late, but please bear with me a bit, to a later stage, to begin to plot collapsed, slower than code.
this monthThe last time should pass rush will be fighting broke first, followed by the time of the preparation of the book will be quiet,cheap jordan shoes, so it does not pass energy and time to go to the first