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substance, ah, it seems the old lady have to seriously some of the … '
mind passing this road idea, Wu Chen and his face is becoming increasingly serious, and that the red hand of the fire is getting bigger and bright, but at the same time, a surge like a fiery temper, but is slowly since its feet at the numbers.
'For three thousand thunderous storms Court, the wife would have wanted to see something, and I want to see what is my Fenyan Valley Plough gravel powerful step or three thousand thunderous them even better!
Wu Chen Hey smile, glowing flame of the right foot, suddenly Yiduo ground!
a muffled sounds, hard piece of bluestone Wu Chen place to stay, is actually a direct life and burst open,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, and his stature,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but also laugh is heard, the strange disappearance of place!
that disappeared in Wu Chen Yi Sha,Tiffany And Co Outlet, dignified color Xiao Yan is more concentrated on the face, after a moment, feeling the hairs stood fierce,Tiffany Outlet, almost like a conditioned reflex, three thousand thunderous display directly to the extreme, one blur emerge " 'Notice! '
red silhouette with a muffled sound of the gas explosion, the two shaped like a tank-like, severely impact on that road shadow war, which directly and instantly crack.
a hit and empty, red silhouette Lima life and catch herself, immediately before it broke off direct a gas explosion, shattered on the ground to open a crack,Tiffany Outlet Store, but do not be this way gas explosion sound came out, fiery figure is severely Yiduo ground, the body, such as pulling up the sky like a rocket, the moment they get out in front of Xiao Yan now! 'Good fast!'
looked death in the eyes would flash red shadow, Xiao Yan face is changed,Tiffany Outlet, Wu Chen cast by fighting skillsThen three thousand thunderous be as good as flexible, but the impact is extreme and destructive terror