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not mind.
'Shaoge Zhu, Tian noise this old guy will give you the remaining three, to the three of us, and how?'
hear the words of the boss Hu, Xiao Yan smiled,Coach Outlet, nodded his head immediately, Hu old folk are in the eight stars statue strength against three same level of strong, should not have any problems.
'Haha, in that case, it would be to see who should solve our opponent,' Hu boss laugh, the body of a grudge overwhelming violence Chung out immediately is directly in front of a black robe old man storm washed away, in its wake , Hu second youngest is almost invariably followed on, then dispersed and open, Luexiang another old man two black robe.
'Well, since you want to send home, then we will accept my gift.'
see old Mr. Hu storm swept from, that three black robe old man is cold smile, chill blanket of darkness from the body out of the storm surge, the stature of a move, but also into three smoky,Coach Factory Outlet, with the former trio , heavy bombers to pay together, Leighton time, the sky above, terrible energy fluctuations,Coach Outlet Online, weThe storm quickly overflow and open. Looking at the moment is dealing
six, nine statue is slightly wrinkled brow, he did not expect, Xiao Yan the gall to bring so much stronger from the Plains.
'This is our task xiaojia captured all of the people, it seems this guy today, you must first clean up ……'
nine statue Mans while flashing eyes, the eyes of the passing touch soon fierce Mountain, not nonsense, palm grip, ambient chill of the air between heaven and earth is the rapid condensation from, and finally into a layer of black crystal layer, sets on their right palm,Coach Outlet Store Online, while at the same time, their feet a riding empty,Coach Outlet, stature is in many eyes watching, strange disappearance.
'good fast ,Coach Outlet Store……'
saw a flash of nine respect is disappearing under the trail,