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the drug-ting, are firmly wrapping, and finally they are controlled at different temperatures below the desired, slowly refined with.
when refining lasted approximately three hours or so, has been methodically drug Ding started a strong burst into fire Mans, although Xiao Yan has tried to suppress, but still can finally have three kinds of hard to extract out of the liquid in the surge life and the evaporation temperature under,Coach Outlet Online, so the refining, had ended in failure.
frowned looked at some of the liquid remaining in the drug Ding,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly, will it give all removed,Coach Outlet Store, then lost in thought. In retrospect
reasons previously failed after just Xiao Yan breath again, the state adjusted to the best state,Coach Outlet, without the slightest hesitation, palm strokes, many herbs on the body side of the slate, suddenly re spate of drug into the tripod in.
this time. Xiao Yan mental disorders into any transaction outside are being thrown into the back of the head,Coach Outlet Store Online, in their eyes, at the moment only a tripod and medicine which burning flame.
engrossed when Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, whose palm is dancing debut blur, flame among drug-ting, under its control, when the temperature is high, low, complicated changes, enough to make too many refining pharmacists felt stunned, you want to flame control to the point. What a huge soul energy needs just able to do?
medicine is starting lines in an arc in the air, and finally give all into drug-ting among those under the blazing green flames, into the desired Xiao Yan powder and liquid. Xiao Yan
second refining, in its mind under extreme condensation, then what did fall out of trouble, after nearly a day and a night of tedious refining, within medicine tripod, finally began to appear uneven surface 一枚immortality prototype, but with this prototype