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steady stream from the body of the girl gush, this suction, and can not absorb a grudge, but specifically to absorb the soul, the day Xie Xiao Yan touched her, felt kind of strange attraction, should the reason is because of this thing. " She's constitution should be some special,Coach Outlet Online, extremely powerful soul force, but the body, but it is quite weak '■'
Xiao Yan looked at carefully, thoughtfully immediately, this world of wonders, there will always be some differences with the ordinary people of the constitution, such as small medical cents woe poison the body, or that strange eye pupil Harengula year … 'are not fuel-efficient lights ah.' 'Xiao Yan gently shook his head, he can expect stool,Coach Outlet Store Online, this time Dan will fight, will ever intense.
With the passage of time, came to the square of the contestants this more and more,Cheap Coach Purses, and most people who come here, are not a weak, but think also, be able to pour so intense industry competition in Denmark to adhere to the present,coach bags outlet sale, how can not point skill.
between waiting, Xiao Yan eyes also look at the center of the square, where the space is slightly distorted, distortion of space in that place, with an old man dressed in robes Danta clothing, old man walking stick on the face Like orange peel skin in general, in its chest, with 一枚 Danta badge tower emblem on it,Coach Outlet Store, is a rather bright purple color. 'Danta one of the eight elders …' to see this special badge, some people also muffled Square exclaimed out, soon all is quickly gag.
crutches old man also did not care about all kinds of sound on the square, like Laosengruding like, do not speak until a certain moment, he eyelid light shake, sailed just opened his eyes, eyes swept away freely,Coach Outlet, then faint: ' time to the task of your prescriptions and medicines to the old lady, and then begins