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young strong play, but never more than six grade human blood products,Coach Outlet Store, and this is leaving too Xiao Yanming white, This ancient tribe among blood levels, it really is extremely difficult to raise.
'really ancient, black submerged large military command, seven bucket respect,Coach Outlet Online, the power of the blood seven items, I ' Xiao Yan
face in a long process because it slightly when some impatience,Coach Outlet, came the sound field, suddenly paused.
'ancient truth? "
hear this name, Xiao Yan heart is a dynamic, raised his head,Coach Outlet Store Online, looked at the field, I saw that old really get down on one knee,Coach Outlet Online, his face looked calm isWhispered something in the three elders.
saw three elders began to talk, everyone looked at each other in a square, and soon gathered in the ancient look really who this guy seems a little different with the previous ah.
field, three elders in the conversation for a moment, finally stopped, one of the elders of the palm grip, a color was purple pen cents went out of their hands now.
'turned out to be purple dragon pen.'
seen in the hands of the elders purple pen,cheap coach bags, the farm is immediately sounded a road screams.
'to discuss the decision by the House of Elders, ancient really extraordinary exploits, calm personality, so I Zijin their family lines! '
that were elders looking stern shout Chen Sheng, immediately palm energy storm surge, sending the purple pen, really fast on his forehead left a family of ancient pattern of a purple color, but the degree of the color purple, and see up a bit short, but it still has not been blocked in those fields envy of many.
'according to the blood level of 'ancient truth actually reach the point where the Grand clan lines, but he prestigious military submerged in black, almost equal to four all systems, so this is the only exception to the Presbyterian