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awe-inspiring voice down, Chen busy mouth ghastly smile thicker, longer say, is facing the channel turned to go, and then the old man riding a turtle who took things a step into the path of the space. Chen looked
free space channel disappears into the back, Xiao Yan smiled, but this smile, reveals a stern intention to kill, the Chen busy life,Coach Factory Outlet, he was the close set the … 'I hope you do not die In the hands of other people,Coach Outlet Store Online, in that case, too boring, and – '
Xiao Yan smiled, also came up two steps, took the items from the old man riding a tortoise in the hands – and then the income sodium ring, and turned the road space channel is a big step, but its shadow is slowly disappearing … 'Update to ~~~
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This is a desolate plain, above the earth is full of yellowish brown color, occasionally dotted with Xu some shade, the release of a little bit of vigor and vitality.
above the plain, occasionally with some small burst of Warcraft channeling out, starting with a wisp of tobacco, then disappeared in the distance.
desolate plains of silent for some time, a sudden burst of peristalsis nothingness of space,Coach Outlet, and soon a figure since Shanlue out into space. '
grazing figure from space, into the space that the channel is naturally Xiao Yan, in the face of this desolate plains appear in their sight, his eyes are also slightly hesitated and mindMove, so the body is suspended in