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blanket of darkness, that iron law enforcement face suddenly became pale, Gang Yu some move in front of the Mist is suddenly burst open, and soon a road illusory soul body,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly Baoshe and out, and finally Shaw People that go far stunned eyes, surrounded by crazy fled. 'These are the soul of the body … even,' 'dull eyes looked at the number of one hundred foot off the soul, Xiao Yan suddenly there – some feel thirsty,Coach Outlet, the soul of the house of the guy, get so much what is the soul of the body want to do? 'You idiot! I dare to destroy the soul of the bag! '
those looking to escape the soul body looked, that iron law enforcement suddenly became blood red eyes are up strong intention to kill since the storm surge out of the body, which is his soul rest received a year of time, if the can not go back payShare the above requirements, and that fate. _,
thought the punishment was able to fulfill the task after the iron law enforcement in mind that the intention to kill thicker, soared to the extreme when the intention to kill the time, and finally is crazy loud roar, like a python dark chains in general, crashed against the US Medusa severely dumped go. This talk too much iron Custodian
facing a strike, Medusa stature urgent,Coach Outlet, colorful storm surge of energy from the body out, soon turned into a colorful Jianmang hands of the sword, severely impact on those chains. 'Blame!'
voice sounded crisp, and soon an energy fluctuations of terror strike from the post office out of the storm surge,Coach Outlet Store, the space between the shock,Coach Outlet Store Online, Medusa hands of the sword, suddenly burst open,Coach Outlet Store, and also issued a Menheng his own stature Putui . 'Today, no matter what you are antecedents, The Custodian is also scheduled to use your soul, to resist those souls to escape!'
iron Custodian angry roar resounded