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other words, we were transferred to a lion offerings sphere of influence, but that nothing down, north of these places,Coach Outlet Store Online, and there is not much The lion offerings were strong, they are now a major force should converge with inflammation Union transfer of the Department '
white old man muses.
'As long as we go from the northwest, through a number of checkpoints on the way, that is able to reach the site of inflammation Union ……'
looked at the map, Xiao Yan nodded slightly, they are the pedestrians, a full thirty respect for the strong fight, this and other team, if not met the lion deep soul of the house were strong and elite troops, enough to go sideways, Therefore, to arrive within inflammation Union, the idea is nothing difficult. ~ ~ ~ ~
'That being the case, it would leave it the way Ye gather some intelligence northwest continent now, you try to converge some breath, listen to my orders, not to be disturbed.'
Xiao Yan tilted his head, facing northwest, then a wave, toes a little ground, into a light Shanlue stature is out,Coach Outlet Online, in its wake, followed by breaking wind into the sky,Coach Outlet, a road with tight figure behind him.
Hsiao go far, all the way straightYan League northwest, this area,Coach Outlet Store Online, now are included in the control of the offerings were the lion,Coach Outlet Store, so naturally met along the way some of these offerings lion troops stationed in these places as well as strong, but these so-called strong , at most, were also in the unusual level of fighting, which seems to go far in Shaw's eyes,Coach Outlet, but it is not the slightest deterrent, so all the way through, not only has not been the slightest pressure of the block, but also from some captured The offerings were strong from the mouth of the lion, will now inquire about the situation in the Northwest a clear continent.
and proceeds to these