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a little lead, saw the raging among drug-ting was burning green flame,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, suddenly sailed down the weak.
eyes firmly fixed on the tripod into medicine, after a moment, Xiao Yan fingertips, swept to a light, and soon the whole body into a blood-red Ganoderma strain, fell on its hands.
this strain Ganoderma just appeared, that isFilled out a bloody taste rich, being in this bloody, but also can feel a quite faint between pure energy fluctuations.
this, the soul is one day melt refining Dan's main material of blood, blood dragon Chi, although this is not true Ganoderma dragon contaminated blood, but its shape is quite difficult, at least in the absorption of three snakes After the shape of Warcraft blood,Tiffany Outlet Store, just be able to break ground for us.
Xiao Yan Chi finger on the dragon's blood surface grinding fondle gently, feeling slightly which implied the kind of chill pure energy, Qingtu breath, flexor of a bomb,Tiffany Outlet, is turned into a dragon's blood Chicago Hongmang, was put into that drug tripod. With Dragon's Blood Chi Bo investment, within that drug tripod, originally dormant green flames,Tiffany & Co Outlet, suddenly like a wolf in general,Tiffany Outlet Online, fiercely raging on, the bite will devour. '
engulfed in flames that Yi Sha Chi dragon's blood, Xiao Yan fingers with bombs, I saw too many that are suspended in mid-air spot immediately points to draw nearly ten pieces,Tiffany & Co Outlet, end to end within exhaustively into drug tripod, turning back broke into flames. '
Chi dragon blood chill nature, touch the fire will die, you want to be grown up out of the liquid within it, that is, you must have other drugs and that kind of chill in Italy, while previously put the drug Ding those herbs inside, then it is fully prepared in advance of the neutralized. '
so many herbs while refining, soul power requirements are quite stringent, but fortunately